Trumpcard (trumpcard21) wrote in camptastic,

Pirates For All

Just want to make sure we're all on for Pirates of the Carribean tonight. I'm thinking 7:20 show at the Coliseum (for those of you with passes left over). AMC has the same show time. Later show: 10:20 at Col and 10:15 at AMC.

Meet at Coliseum at 7:00? Any problems let me know and changes will be made.
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  • 3 comments we have to do the Coliseum? I hate driving there. Can I meet with someone and carpool? Joe? Graham?

7:00's good in either case!
I don't have any trouble driving if you want to come as far as my place. Say 6:50? I'm going to call Graham now and make sure he knows.
Shweet, dude! Thanks!

(I have a strange innate fear of driving to the Coliseum. I don't know why.)