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Your Questions Answered!

Ahh crap, my bad, I meant that we don't have a water cooler. Like, a tower-thingie that you can fill with water? With a tap at the bottom? Yeah, that. You have one, Graham?

To answer Graham's question, we currently have five people at the site on Friday night, and six (potentially seven with Gwen) on Saturday night. That's Graham, me, Janine, Joe and Erica on Friday, plus Dan and maybe Gwen on Saturday.

As for beds, this is what we have: mine will fit two people; if somebody wants to grab Josh's air mattress, then we have another one that'll hold two people, and Janine also has a single. So that's five, which is fine for Friday but not so good for Saturday. Graham, don't you have a mattress that'll hold two?

Somebody also has to ask Josh for his tent and pick it up, please. With his massive tent and my massive tent, we'll have more than enough room for everyone.
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